2020 STUDY SUMMARY: Examining Organizational Resiliency, COVID-19 Impact on Claims Operations

Now in its eighth year, the Workers' Compensation Benchmarking Study is a national research program that examines the complex forces impacting claims management in workers' compensation today. The study's mission is to advocate for the advancement of claims management by providing both quantitative and qualitative research that allows organizations to evaluate priorities, hurdles and strategies amongst their peers. Conceived by Rising Medical Solutions, a NCSI member, the study's impetus evolved from various conversations Rising had with industry executives about the gap in available research focusing on how claims organizations address daily operational challenges.

The 2020 study marks the first time claims leaders had the opportunity to respond directly to the perspectives of more than 1,200 frontline claims professionals who participated in the 2019 survey. Additionally, the 2020 study examines organizational resiliency in our industry - including COVID-19's impact on claims operations and what high performing claims organizations are doing to future-proof their organizations that lower performers are not.

NCSI is pleased to be able to provide you with a copy of this study. You will see that NCSI is thanked in the Acknowledgements section of the Report for its involvement. Rising truly appreciates our ongoing support of the study's research, as the workers' compensation community's participation and insights are vital to making the annual Report a meaningful industry resource.

Rising welcomes any feedback that you might have on the research and NCSI looks forward to our continued collaboration with Rising in the future.

Workers' Compensation Benchmarking Study

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